JMeter - Thread Group

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The first step you want to do with every JMeter Test Plan is to add a The inter-wiki (JmComp) does not exist and there is no default inter-wiki defined.Thread Group element.

Jmeter Thread Group Add


The Thread Group tells JMeter:

  • the number of users (called threads) you want to simulate ,
  • how often the users should send requests,
  • and how many requests they should send.

Jmeter Thread Group Property


  • Number of threads define the number of Users.
  • Ramp-up Period defines the time period where all user must be started. For instance, with 5 users and 5 second Ramp-Up Period, we get a delay of 1 second between the start of each user (5 users / 5 seconds = 1 user per second). A value to 0 means that JMeter will start immediately all users.
  • Loop Count defines the number of times that the test plan must repeat.

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