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A listener is a component that shows/records the results of the samples.

If you only wish to record certain samples:

  • add the Listener as a child of the sampler
  • Or use a Simple Controller to group a set of samplers, and add a Listener.

Listeners are processed at the end of the (scope|node) in which they are found.

Jmeter Listener


The listeners section of the components page has full descriptions of all the listeners.

The results can be shown in in different ways:

However, they all write the same raw data to the JMeter - (Sampler Result | Sample | Listener (Output|Results|Data) File) - if one is specified.

Component Type Description
Aggregate Graph Graph
Aggregate Report
Assertion Results
BeanShell Listener
BSF Listener
Comparison Assertion Visualizer
Distribution Graph (alpha)
Generate Summary Results
Graph Results Graph
JSR223 Listener
Mailer Visualizer
Monitor Results Only for Apache
Save Responses to a file
Simple Data Writer
Spline Visualizer
Summary Report
View Results in table Table
View Results Tree Tree

Jmeter Simple Data Writer

Documentation / Reference

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