JMeter - JMeter Command

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jmeter -help
Error: Unknown option -e
        -h, --help
                print usage information and exit
        -v, --version
                print the version information and exit
        -p, --propfile <argument>
                the jmeter property file to use
        -q, --addprop <argument>
                additional JMeter property file(s)
        -t, --testfile <argument>
                the jmeter test(.jmx) file to run
        -l, --logfile <argument>
                the file to log samples to
        -j, --jmeterlogfile <argument>
                jmeter run log file (jmeter.log)
        -n, --nongui
                run JMeter in nongui mode
        -s, --server
                run the JMeter server
        -H, --proxyHost <argument>
                Set a proxy server for JMeter to use
        -P, --proxyPort <argument>
                Set proxy server port for JMeter to use
        -N, --nonProxyHosts <argument>
                Set nonproxy host list (e.g. *|localhost)
        -u, --username <argument>
                Set username for proxy server that JMeter is to use
        -a, --password <argument>
                Set password for proxy server that JMeter is to use
        -J, --jmeterproperty <argument>=<value>
                Define additional JMeter properties
        -G, --globalproperty <argument>=<value>
                Define Global properties (sent to servers)
                e.g. -Gport=123
        -D, --systemproperty <argument>=<value>
                Define additional system properties
        -S, --systemPropertyFile <argument>
                additional system property file(s)
        -L, --loglevel <argument>=<value>
                [category=]level e.g. jorphan=INFO or jmeter.util=DEBUG
        -r, --runremote
                Start remote servers (as defined in remote_hosts)
        -R, --remotestart <argument>
                Start these remote servers (overrides remote_hosts)
        -d, --homedir <argument>
                the jmeter home directory to use
        -X, --remoteexit
                Exit the remote servers at end of test (non-GUI)

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