JMeter - JDBC Request


Basic information on the JDBC Request.

Class Path

In the Test Plan Node, You can add you JDBC Driver or in the directory Jmeter_Home/lib

How to

get variable values

Simple Test Plan:

    • A
    • A JmComp>#JDBC Connection Configuration|JDBC Connection Configuration]]

You have to enter in the database connection configuration the JDBC URL and the Driver Class

select 11 as FirstColumn, 21 as SecondColumn from dual
select 12, 22  from dual
select 13, 23  from dual

You can then use this variable in a new component such as a JDBC Request with for instance the following SQL:

select ${FirstVariableName_1} from dual

It will return:



Could not create enough Components to service your request (Timed out)

You may get this error in the Response data

Could not create enough Components to service your request (Timed out).

and this exception in the sampler result


It means that a users (threads) can not get a Jdbc Connection in your thread pool when the wait time of the Pool Timeout is over, you get this message.

To resolve this problem, you can try to increase :

  • the number of database connection in your pool
  • the Pool Time out

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