Spark - Web UI (Driver UI)

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Each driver program has a web UI, typically on port 4040, that displays information about:

The Spark UI will tell you which DataFrames and what percentages are in memory. Spark - (Executor) Cache

This UI is only available for the duration of the application. The cluster manager UI's (master en worker) are always available. Example with the built-in standalone cluster manager, the UI by default are available at the port 8080 for the master and 8081 for the workers.





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Spark Caching
Spark - (Executor) Cache

in Spark. Each executor has a cache. from the lines is recomputed lines is NOT recomputed but get from the cache
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Spark - Monitoring

The web UI, typically on port 4040, displays information : running tasks, executors, and storage usage.

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