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See also: R - Date Time (POSIXct)



  • Conversion Functions to and from Character
as.Date(res$START_TS, format="%Y-%m-%d")
  • Get Current date
Date[1:1], format: "2017-02-22"

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Ggplot Graphic Plot
Ggplot - Time

Ggplot supports: the date class the PosixCt class (DateTime) the hms class (Only the time part) : for date_breaks, and date_format you need package scales:
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The factor function is used to encode a vector as a factor (ie categorical data). When used with a numeric or a date, a binning function will return a factor. From numeric to a category (For instance,...
Card Puncher Data Processing
R - Time

Note: Time can be represented with the following class: Date: Datetime (Date with Time (hour/minute/seconds): POSIXct times (hour, minute, ss): hms

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