R - File System (File, Directory)

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File (System, Transfer, Storage) in R

See also: system.file {base} to finds the full file names of files in packages etc.


Special Directory

R Home

R.home(component = "home")
[1] "C:\\Users\\gerard\\Documents"

User Home

[1] "C:\\Users\\gerard\\Documents"

Working Directory

  • To get the working directory, use the function getwd
  • To set the working directory, use the function setwd


> getwd()
[1] "C:/Users/gerard/Documents"
> setwd("C:/Users/gerard/Desktop")


tempDir <- tempdir()
tempFile <- paste0(tempDir , "/temp.txt")
temp_csv <- tempfile(fileext = ".csv")

Create, open and close a file

File is a function to create, open and close a file.

     description = "",
     open = "", 
     blocking = TRUE,
     encoding = getOption("encoding"), 
     raw = FALSE


  • description is the path to the file (If it does not contain an absolute path, the file name is relative to the current working directory)
  • open indicates the open mode.

List files in a directory



  • File Time: Sys.setFileTime()


See R Admin - OS (Platform, Sys, )

[1] "/"

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