Microsoft - R Open (MRO, formerly Revolution R Open) and Microsoft R Server (MRS, formerly Revolution R Enterprise)

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MRO (Microsoft R Open) is the enhanced distribution of R from Microsoft Corporation. One of the goals of MRO is to provide the community with an easy-to-install binary distribution of multi-threaded R.

MRO and MRS are R engine based on base R. MRO and MRS are 100% compatible with R in terms of functions, packages, and IDEs. While everything you do in R can done in MRO and MRS, the reverse is not true, due to the additional components in MRO and MRS.




  • MKL library by default.
  • RevoScaleR: not in CRAN
    • High Performance Analysis (HPA) version of many base R functions, which are included in the RevoScaleR package.
    • the HPA version of glm() is rxGlm() and for kmeans() it is rxKmeans().

Data Format XDF

  • special data format (XDF) that's customized for MRS.

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