R - (Datatype|Type|Storage Mode) of an object (typeof, mode)


In the C code underlying R, all objects are pointers to a structure with typedef SEXPREC; the different R data types are represented in C by SEXPTYPE, which determines how the information in the various parts of the structure is used.


symbol a variable name
pairlist a pairlist object (mainly internal)
closure a function
environment an environment
promise an object used to implement lazy evaluation
language an R language construct
special an internal function that does not evaluate its arguments
builtin an internal function that evaluates its arguments
char a ‘scalar’ string object (internal only) ***
logical a vector containing logical values
integer a vector containing integer values
double a vector containing real values
complex a vector containing complex values
character a vector containing character values
the special variable length argument ***
any a special type that matches all types: there are no objects of this type
expression an expression object
list a list
bytecode byte code (internal only) ***
externalptr an external pointer object
weakref a weak reference object
raw a vector containing bytes
S4 an S4 object which is not a simple object


  • typeof: typeof determines the (R internal) type or storage mode of any object
  • mode: Get or set the type or storage mode of an object.
  • storage.mode: Get or set the type or storage mode of an object.

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