Docker - Containers

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VM - Container (Ligthweight VM) in Docker.

A container is a running instance of an image.

Docker containers only run as long as the command you specify is active.



A container ID uniquely identifies a container.

A container ID has two versions:

  • a long variant: 3e3a1ac2c76e447542b99de6db704629e414a674301c520687a7dc13a841746d
  • a shorter variant: 3e3a1ac2c76e

By running bash on the Ubuntu Image,

$ docker run -t -i ubuntu bash

You can see the container id in the prompt (here: c94698e7ab68)


You can get a container Id by name with:

docker container ls -qf name=containerName


A container acquire a name:

  • via the -name parameter of the run command.
  • or automatically if not given (ie generated)


The daemon cannot run the two type of container. Therefore you need to switch the daemon by switching the type of containers. Example with docker for windows

Docker For Windows Switch Container Type


The build version with inspect.

docker inspect -f '{{ index .Config.Labels "build_version" }}' <container_name>






The docker ps']]' command queries the Docker daemon for information about all the containers it knows about. See Docker - ps (List containers) === All === Docker - info gives also information:

docker info
Containers: 9                                                                                    
Running: 1                                                                                      
Paused: 0                                                                                       
Stopped: 8

==== Logs ==== See Docker - logs of a container ==== Stop ==== Docker - Stop (a container) ==== Kill ==== docker kill - Kill one or more running containers ==== Diff ==== A list of files created or modified sinds a docker run. Inspect changes on a container's filesystem

docker diff container_name

==== Restart ==== The docker restart command that runs a stop and then start on the container. ==== Remove ====


Remove one or more containers Options: * -f, –force Force the removal of a running container (uses SIGKILL) * –help Print usage * -l, –link Remove the specified link * -v, –volumes Remove the volumes associated with the container ==== Configuration and status information (IP, …)==== Docker - Inspect ==== Process ==== Docker - Top (Process)

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