Docker - docker client

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The CLI uses the Docker REST API to control or interact with the Docker daemon


[sudo] docker [subcommand] [flags] [arguments] ..

:: docker help
:: docker subcommand --help

where subcommand is:

  • attach - Attach to a running container
  • build - Build an image from a Dockerfile
  • commit - Create a new image from a container's changes
  • cp - Copy files/folders between a container and the local filesystem
  • create - Create a new container
  • diff - Inspect changes on a container's filesystem
  • events - Get real time events from the server
  • exec - Run a command in a running container
  • export - Export a container's filesystem as a tar archive
  • history - Show the history of an image
  • images - List images
  • import - Import the contents from a tarball to create a filesystem image
  • info - Display system-wide information
  • inspect - Return low-level information on a container, image or task
  • kill - Kill one or more running containers
  • load - Load an image from a tar archive or STDIN
  • login - Log in to a Docker registry.
  • logout - Log out from a Docker registry.
  • logs - Fetch the logs of a container
  • network - Manage Docker networks
  • node - Manage Docker Swarm nodes
  • pause - Pause all processes within one or more containers
  • port - List port mappings or a specific mapping for the container
  • ps - List containers
  • pull - Pull an image or a repository from a registry
  • push - Push an image or a repository to a registry
  • rename - Rename a container
  • restart - Restart a container
  • rm - Remove one or more containers
  • rmi - Remove one or more images
  • run - Run a command in a new container
  • save - Save one or more images to a tar archive (streamed to STDOUT by default)
  • search - Search the Docker Hub for images
  • service - Manage Docker services
  • start - Start one or more stopped containers
  • stats - Display a live stream of container(s) resource usage statistics
  • stop - Stop one or more running containers
  • swarm - Manage Docker Swarm
  • tag - Tag an image into a repository
  • top - Display the running processes of a container
  • unpause - Unpause all processes within one or more containers
  • update - Update configuration of one or more containers
  • version - Show the Docker version information
  • volume - Manage Docker volumes
  • wait - Block until a container stops, then print its exit code


See How to run a docker image with example to create a container?

docker run -i -t ubuntu /bin/bash

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Docker - Rest API

The CLI uses the Docker REST API to control or interact with the Docker daemon

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