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Docker Machine is a command line client that lets you

You can use Machine to create Docker hosts:

  • on your local Mac or Windows box,
  • on your company network, in your data center,
  • or on cloud providers like AWS or Digital Ocean.

See docker/machine

You can use Docker Machine to:

  • Install and run Docker on Mac or Windows
  • Provision and manage multiple remote Docker hosts
  • Provision Swarm clusters

Docker Machine uses Boot2Docker to initialise, start, stop and delete the VirtualBox's VM right from the command line.

Docker Machine Virtualbox


List your machines.

$ docker-machine ls
  • On my machine
default            virtualbox   Timeout

  • From the doc:
NAME                ACTIVE   DRIVER       STATE     URL                        SWARM
dev                 *        virtualbox   Running   tcp://
my-docker-machine            virtualbox   Stopped
default                      virtualbox   Stopped

Important: If you are using Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows, you can skip this step.

Create your machine

If you are using Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows, you can skip this step.


docker-machine create \
    --driver virtualbox \
    --virtualbox-memory 8192 \
    --virtualbox-disk-size "40960"  \

Modify the configuration

docker-machine stop
VBoxManage modifyvm default --cpus 2
VBoxManage modifyvm default --memory 8192
docker-machine start


docker-machine ssh
##         .                                                     
                  ## ## ##        ==                                                     
               ## ## ## ## ##    ===                                                     
           /"""""""""""""""""\___/ ===                                                   
      ~~~ {~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~ /  ===- ~~~                                            
           \______ o           __/                                                       
             \    \         __/                                                          
 _                 _   ____     _            _                                           
| |__   ___   ___ | |_|___ \ __| | ___   ___| | _____ _ __                               
| '_ \ / _ \ / _ \| __| __) / _` |/ _ \ / __| |/ / _ \ '__|                              
| |_) | (_) | (_) | |_ / __/ (_| | (_) | (__|   <  __/ |                                 
|_.__/ \___/ \___/ \__|_____\__,_|\___/ \___|_|\_\___|_|                                 
Boot2Docker version 1.12.3, build HEAD : 7fc7575 - Thu Oct 27 17:23:17 UTC 2016          
Docker version 1.12.3, build 6b644ec                                                     
docker@default:~$ exit                                                                   

Remove machine

$ docker-machine rm my-docker-machine
Successfully removed my-docker-machine


Docker - Host Environment ( OS )

docker-machine env default

# In cmder, see it as cmd but you can ask the output format with the shell argument
docker-machine env default -shell bash


SET DOCKER_CERT_PATH=C:\Users\gerard\.docker\machine\machines\default
REM Run this command to configure your shell:
REM     @FOR /f "tokens=*" %i IN ('docker-machine env default') DO @%i


docker-machine ip

Metadata Location

On Windows, all the metadata (disk, config) are stored at:

# Example

Documentation / Reference

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