English - Adjective

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English - Adjective


They are:

used to modify:


The three articles, a, an, and the (sometimes referred to as determiners) always function as adjectives in a sentence.

And there are three categories of adjectives:


A descriptive adjective describes a quality of the noun the adjective modifies.

  • large house
  • frigid night
  • wide gorge


A proper adjective is formed by using a proper noun.

  • French pastry
  • Shakespearian play
  • African dance


Predicate adjectives follow the noun and are connected to the noun by a linking verb.

In the following examples, the predicate adjective follows the highlighted linking verb:

  • She seems brave.
  • The bread is stale.
  • He looks bored.
  • The trash smells unpleasant.


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