English - Gerund (-ing)

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A gerund is a word formed by adding the suffix –ing to a verb (swimming, driving, learning, jogging, writing)

Words that are formed in this way usually represent activities—either physical or mental. Examples include running, eating, thinking, wishing, and herding. Gerunds act like nouns, and nouns are the most common kind of sentence subjects. Therefore, gerunds can act as subjects, too.


  • Running the Inca Trail near Machu Picchu can be arduous.
  • Eating keeps my body fueled.
  • Thinking critically is a way to exercise the brain.
  • Wishing won’t get you anywhere.
  • Herding cattle on the Pampas of Argentina can be hard work.
  • Swimming provides cardiovascular exercise.
  • Driving in Los Angeles can be very dangerous.
  • Learning is inspirational.


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