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Every word has:

  • a form, what it looks like,
  • and a function, what it does in the sentence.

See its counterpart Natural Language - Token (Word|Term)


  • Where are you going?
    • Form: Adverb
    • Function: Adverb (it answers the question “Where?”)
  • Where did we get to?
    • Form: Pronoun (it stands in place of a noun; e.g., I got to page 4) ; Page 4 is where I got to.)
    • Function: Adverb (it answers the question “Where?”)
  • This is the place where my sister works.
    • Form: Adverb
    • Function: Relative Adverb (it modifies the noun “the place”)


In English grammar, number indicates if a word is singular or plural.



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