English - Present Continuous or Present Simple

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Present Continuous Present Simple
Something happening now
* It's raining, I'm watching this program
Repeated actions sometimes
* It always rains at the week-end
Thought feeling and states
* Thought and feeling
* states / permanent fact
* I promise, I agree, I refuse
* For a routing or a situation that we see as temporary
( for a short period )
Ex : I'm working at a sports shop for six weeks
For a routine or situation that we see as permanent
Ex. : I work at a sports shop. It's a permanent Dutch
Always + Present Continuous = Very often (too often)
not finish, not for ever
Always + Present Simple = Every Time
State Verb
Staying the same
Actions Verb
Something happening
Temporary behaviour
You're being an idiot this morning
= You're behaving like an idiot
Permanent quality
Claire is a very sociable person

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