Present Perfect or Past Simple

Text Mining


I'have done or I did

Tense Example
The present perfect tell us about the past and the present. United have won the cup, so it's theirs now.
The past simple tell us about the past, a time which is finished such as yesterday, last week, in 1994, … We won the Cup last year. Last year is in the past.

I've done it. I did it yesterday

Tense Goal Example
Present Perfect Give a piece of news We've bought a new car
Past Simple Give or to ask for details such as when and where I've found my wallet. Oh good. Where did you find it ?

Structure with for, since and last

Present Perfect Past Simple
We can say that something hasn't happened
for a long time or since a specific time in the past
We can say that it is a long time since
something happened or when was the last time it happened.
We haven't had a party for ages
We haven't had a party since Christmas
It's ages since we last had a party
Christmas was the last time we had a party

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