English - Prepositions


Prepositions are one part of the speech and tell the reader about relationships between words.

Prepositions show the relationship between:

They illustrate four primary relationships:

  • condition,
  • direction
  • location
  • or time.

There are literally hundreds of prepositions. When writing, it's a good idea to have a list.

Even though knowing individual prepositions is important, prepositional phrases are used far more frequently.


  • I found the hammer behind the toolbox. Behind because it shows location.
  • The players stayed on the field in spite of the weather. On shows us again their position, in spite of (a three word preposition)


aboard because of except of than versus
about before excepting off through via
above behind excluding on throughout with
according to below following on account of to within
across beneath for onto toward without
after beside besides from opposite towards
against between in out under
along beyond inside out of underneath
amid but (meaning except) in spite of outside unlike
among by instead of into over until
around concerning like past up
as considering minus per upon
at despite near plus
atop down round
during save since


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