English - Subject

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(Subject|Topic) of:

  • a sentence
  • a paragraph (see topic)
  • a text


The subject of a sentence is:

  • Person
  • or Thing.

Words that identify the actor in a sentence or tell what/who a sentence is about.

All sentences must have an actor, the “who or what” a sentence is about.

To locate a subject/actor, ask yourself “who or what” the sentence is about.


  • Nouns (part of speech)
    • Trains are still a popular form of transport.
    • Books lined the back wall.
    • She left the building at closing time.
    • They often gather in the courtyard.
    • Everybody is dancing
    • What will happen tomorrow?
  • The “understood” subject (you, a pronoun, is the “understood” subject). The “Understood You” occurs when you give a command or order to someone or suggest something to someone. These sentences are unique in that the subjects of these sentences are not written. Instead, the subject is said to be an “understood subject.”
    • Please, go to the store.
    • Bring me a glass of tea.
  • Gerunds (formed by adding –ing to a verb: swimming, driving, learning, jogging, writing)
    • Swimming provides cardiovascular exercise.
    • Driving in Los Angeles can be very dangerous.
    • Learning is inspirational.
  • Infinitives (the preposition to + a verb: to swim, to drive, to learn, to exercise, to agree)
    • To swim is always a choice.
    • To drive can be quite nerve-wracking.
    • To learn is a challenge I enjoy.


sentence with multiple subjects.

Susan, Tracy, and Charlotte drove to the beach together.


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