English - Adverbs

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Adverbs modify and describe verbs, adjective, and other adverbs.

  • They walked quickly to the store. (quickly modifies the verb walked)
  • The child played happily at the beach. (happily modifies the verb played)
  • The child sat nervously outside the principal’s office. (nervously modifies the verb sat)
  • A largely green parrot flew up into the tree. (largely modifies the adjective green)
  • The snow fell very heavily. (very modifies the adverb heavily)
While most all adverbs end
with the suffix –ly,
some adverbs do not.
Below are some common adverbs
that do not end in –ly.
And some adjectives end in –ly.
Here are some common –ly
ending adjectives.
Quite Lovely
So Lonely
Not Friendly
Never Ugly
Often Womanly
Well Manly
Soon Deadly
Always Neighborly


  • The child giggled uneasily as he and his brother crept up on their sister.


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