English - Nouns

1 - About

Nouns are a component of the parts of the speech.

3 - Category

Nouns can be grouped into five categories:

  • (1) persons,

Persons includes a sister, a grandmother, John, the teacher, fire fighter, Aunt May, a neighbor, the friend, Hoon, a boss, the colleague, a peer, the individual, and Nelson Mandela.

  • (2) places,

Places can be a school, Texas, a home, a store, Japan, a room, a stadium, the desert, a cave, Australia, a state, Veracruz, and a drawer.

  • (3) things,

Things can comprise the Statue of Liberty, a car, a computer, a cup, the Great Sphinx, a stapler, a pen or pencil, a fence, a cell phone, and the Oxford English Dictionary.

  • (4) living creatures,

Living creatures are a lion, a Bengal tiger, a dog, a pig, a Siamese cat, a horse, a dolphin, a caterpillar, a Monarch butterfly, a vole, an American Robin, and a yak.

  • and (5) ideas/concepts.

Ideas and concepts include Buddhism, love, freedom, money, time, the Declaration of Independence, marriage, religion, and Hinduism.

4 - Common / Proper

Some of the nouns are capitalized and others are not.

In addition of being a person, place, thing, living creature, or concept, nouns can be common and proper.

4.1 - Common

Common nouns are not capitalized.

Example: the nouns adult, country, pastry, dog, and disease are common nouns

4.2 - Proper

Proper nouns are capitalized.

The nouns Mother Teresa, Latvia, Buche de Noel, Basenji, and Ebola are all proper nouns.

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