Natural Language - Named Entity (Extraction, Lookup) (NER|NED)

Text Mining


An entity is often a proper noun named item such as a person or company.

whereas term are simply nouns or noun phrases.

  • companies
  • people
  • places
  • products
  • email addresses
  • dates

Other sorts of entities like: publishers or medical terms.



From document to Resource Description Framework (RDF)

Entity Extractor


Matches entity extracted from text with terms in a reference table.



  • companies: Entities that represent businesses
  • lists: Simple list-based entities
  • patterns: Entities identified by recognizable patterns (phone number)
  • people: Entities that represent people
  • places: Entities that represent geographical locations
  • products: Entities that represent products
  • queries: Query-defined entities
  • regex: Entities extracted via regular expressions

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