Natural Language - Token (Word|Term)

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In Natural Language processing, Tokens can be things like:

  • word,
  • numbers,
  • acronyms,
  • word-roots
  • or fixed-length character strings.

A token is the result of parsing (tokenization) the document down to the atomic elements generally of a language.

The token are then searchable.




See Natural Language Processing - (Tokenization|Parser|Text Segmentation|Word Break rules|Text Analysis)


See Natural Language Processing - (Tokenization|Parser|Text Segmentation|Word Break rules|Text Analysis)


NLP - (Word Stem|Stemming)


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Every word has: a form, what it looks like, and a function, what it does in the sentence. See its counterpart Where are you going? Form: Adverb Function: Adverb (it answers the question...
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A token is symbols of the vocabulary of the language. Each token is a single atomic unit of the language. The token syntax is typically a regular language, so a finite state automaton constructed from...

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In text search, a forward index is an index that maps documents in a data set to the tokens they contain. This is also called the natural relationship. inverted index
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Stop_wordsStop Words are common words (token) that do not contribute much to the content or meaning of a document. Stopwords add noise, have less value and needs to be ignored/excluded in: bag-of-words...
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Adding in synonyms at the same token position as the current word can mean better matching when users search with words in the synonym set.
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A crawler is an application (bot) that reads a document (such as web page, word file, ..) and parse them to extract meaningful information. Software for scanning large bodies of text such as collections...
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This page is the definition of a document in natural language processing. In natural language processing, a document is represented by: the bag of words model. ie a document has one or more term...
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Tokenization is the process of breaking input text into small indexing elements – tokens. Parsing and Tokenization are often call Text Analysis or Analysis in NLP. The tokens (or terms) are used either:...
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A search index is an index of token (word) to web page A search engine query it in order to return result. It's structure is inverted index meaning that it maps word to URL (page) The search index is...

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