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Phrasal Verbs are basic verbs which can combine with different prepositions (or articles) to make verbs with completely new (and often unguessable) meanings. They are used more in speaking than in writing.


phrasal verb meaning example
do without manage without We'll have to do without a holiday this year as money is so short
do away with abolish Slavery was not done away with until the nineteemth century
do out of prevent from having (by deceit) He did me out of my rightful inheritance
do up renovate,
punt into a bundle,
We're planning to do up our bathroom at the week-end.
If you do up the newspapers, I'll take them to be recycled
make for move in the direction of Let's make for the city centre and find a restaurant on the way
make of think (opinion) What do you make of him ?
make off leave hurriedly He made off as soon as he heard their car turn into the drive
make up for compensate for The superb food at the hotel made up for the uncomfortable rooms
make up to be nice to in order to get st He made up to her until she agreed to help
make up compose, invent, consitute, form, put cosmetics on,
prepare by mixing together various ingredients,
make something more numerous complete
A human being is made up of many, often conflicting, desires.
Take this prescription to the chemist and she'll make it up for you
make out manage to see,
write, complete
Can you make out the little grey house on the shore ?
I find it impossible to make Jo out.
He made out that he had never loved anyone else.

Most expressions referring to work or duty use do whereas those which lead to an end product (e.g. tea, a cake, a noise, a toy boat, a profit, a noise) use make.

Word forks

Verb Word forks
make up a story
her face
an excuse
the prescription
make out a cheque
a case for her defence
some figures in the distance
the outline of the coast
a shopping list
do with a cup of thea
a cold drink
some help
some advice
something to eat
do up the bedroom
your buttons
her dress
the house
your coat

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