Kubernete (kube)

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Kubernete is an orchestrator for container.

It permits to deploy and scale containers on a cluster of host.

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Aws - Eks

The kubernete solution of Aws built on top of ECS.
App Scheduler Docker
Docker - App Scheduler

where: Yarn
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is workload orchestrator to deploy and manage: containers and non-containerized applications across on-prem and clouds at scale. Jobs are the primary configuration that users interact with when...
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VM - Container (Ligthweight VM)

A container is the logical OS equivalent of a process in a virtual environment. They share: an operating system installed on the server and run resource-isolated (Each container has isolated environment...
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What is a Container/VM Orchestrator?

Container Orchestrator: manage, scale, start/stop and maintain container They are also known as scheduler. This is where you create and run container in production. ie a cluster resource...

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