Virtualization - Virtual Machine (VM)

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A Virtual Machine (VM) is virtual machine (OS) that is running on top of another machine (OS)


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Guest Machine - Real virtualization VM

Real Virtualization VM are VM that have a full-fledged OS inside. They are also known as Guest Machine. The image are known as box: Vagrant permits to manage the lifecycle...
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Hypervisor (VMM)

A hypervisor is a piece of computer software, firmware or hardware that creates and runs virtual machines. It's also known as: container driver container manager Virtual machine manager (VMM)...
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Infra - Layers

This article talks the layers of abstraction that exists on infrastructure in a virtual environment. The table below show you the mapping between the logical layers of: a machine layer vs a virtual...
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VM - Container (Ligthweight VM)

A container is the logical OS equivalent of a process in a virtual environment. They share: an operating system installed on the server and run resource-isolated (Each container has isolated environment...
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VMWARE is a virtualization software. VMDK is a file format that only encodes a single virtual disk from a virtual machine. A VMDK does not contain information the virtual hardware of a machine, such...
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Virtualization - (Virtual Machine|Container)

Virtualisation is the process of recreating a machine environment inside a machine. This machine are known as virtual machine. Nowdays, the virtual machine are created with the container technology because:...
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What is an OCI Image ? (Open Container Initiative)

OCI is a standardized image format from the Open Container Initiative It's used by Docker Image. An OCI image is just a stack of tarballs with a configuration files. The tarballs expand to a directory...

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