Endeca - Admin operations

Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data

Endeca - Admin operations

Data Store Admin operations

Data Store admin operations


The available /admin operations are:

  • exit - shut down the dgraph normally
  • reload-services - reload XQuery web services
  • merge - merge using the specified merge factor
  • flush - flush the dgraph cache
  • help - return this usage message
  • logroll - reinitialize the MDEX query log, archiving the old log file
  • ping - return a status acknowledgement
  • stats - return the stats
  • statsreset - reset the stats
  • rebuilding the spelling dictionaries for spelling correction from the data corpus
    • before 7.5: updateaspell - update the aspell spelling dictionary in the MDEX
    • after 7.5: updateSpellingDictionaries

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