Endeca - Multi-assign attribute

Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data


An attribute for which a record may have more than one value. For example, because a book may have more than one author, the Author attribute would be multi-assign.

The ability for an attribute to be multi-assigned is the default but can be constrained via submission of a Property Description Record to single-valued where required with the mdex boolean property IsSingleAssign:


Multi-assigned attributes are required to support “multi-select And” behaviour.


Integrator does not support multi-assigned fields natively, techniques used for ingestion into the Oracle Endeca Server data store:

  • Identifying a separator character in a property of the Bulk Add/Replace or Add/Update Record components
  • Add key value pairs to a record with the Add/Update KVP component, these key value pairs can be values for the same attribute name

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