Endeca - Value Search

Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data


Value Search find attributes with some values and shows which attributes contain the keyword

This feature enables direct drill-down on matching attribute value. Results are attribute values .

This functionality is used within the search box

The value search can perform a wildcard attribute search returning all values containing the string as it has so far been entered.

By default, all string attributes are “value search” enabled.


Value search is configured with the mdex-property_IsPropertyValueSearchable search property.



  • at the end of the search term (such as gua* for the search term guarantee) are always enabled.
  • in the search term (such as g*ara) must be enabled (the mdex-config_EnableValueSearchWildcard attribute in the Global Configuration Record (GCR) must be true. This parameter has an effetc across all attributes in the Oracle Endeca Server data domain and will re-index).


Endeca Value Search

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Endeca Search

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