Endeca - Value Search

1 - About

Value Search find attributes with some values and shows which attributes contain the keyword

This feature enables direct drill-down on matching attribute value. Results are attribute values .

This functionality is used within the search box

The value search can perform a wildcard attribute search returning all values containing the string as it has so far been entered.

By default, all string attributes are “value search” enabled.

3 - Configuration

Value search is configured with the mdex-property_IsPropertyValueSearchable search property.

4 - Wildcard


  • at the end of the search term (such as gua* for the search term guarantee) are always enabled.
  • in the search term (such as g*ara) must be enabled (the mdex-config_EnableValueSearchWildcard attribute in the Global Configuration Record (GCR) must be true. This parameter has an effetc across all attributes in the Oracle Endeca Server data domain and will re-index).

5 - Example

5.2 - Global View of Search Capabilities

6 - Documentation / Reference

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