Endeca - Search

Type Return
Endeca - (Record|Text) Search Records : Record search reveals which records contain keywords
Endeca - Value Search Values of attributes: Value search reveals which attributes contain keywords

Additional Search Enhancement Features

Thesaurus Entries

The thesaurus feature allows the system to return matches for related concepts to words or phrases contained in user queries.

Record Stemming

The stemming feature broadens search results to include word roots and word derivations. Stemming is enabled in the Oracle Endeca Server by default and is available only for English.

Mechanism for computing alternate versions of the user query

Auto Correct

Spelling correction is a closely-related feature to stemming and thesaurus functionality, because spelling auto-correction provides an additional mechanism for computing alternate versions of the user query, that is “did you mean.”

“Did You Mean”

“Did you mean” provides an alternative suggestions for searched terms. It is always enabled, but is not configurable and has a threshold of 20.


The snippeting feature provides the ability to return an excerpt from a record — called a snippet — to the user who performs a record search query. A snippet contains the search terms that the user provided along with a portion of the term’s surrounding content to provide context.

Relevance Ranking

Relevance ranking uses strategies to determine the order in which matching records are returned. It Is only triggered when performing a text search.

Determines the order in which matching records are returned

Stops Words


Wildcards. The ability to match user query terms to word fragments

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