Endeca - (Attribute) Group - Group Description Records (GDRs)


Attribute groups are ordered lists of attributes. They are stored in the Oracle Endeca Server as records.

Attribute groups are useful for organizing a large number of attributes in the user interface of your front-end application, such as Studio.

You can:

  • define a set of attribute groups to be displayed,
  • assign attributes to each group,
  • and determine the display order of the groups and attributes.

Groups are defined using Group Description Records (GDRs).


There are 2 ways to create and manage attribute groups:


(Config Web Service | GDR)

  • or load them via Integrator/Config Web Service

An example of attributegroups configuration through file can be found in the quickstart application within the loadconfigation graph.

<mdex:group key='key' displayName='GroupDisplayName'>

Attribute Group Property

  • system-eid_group_includeInNavigation: (boolean) Specifies whether the attribute group is displayed by default on the Available Refinements navigation Studio component.
  • system-eid_group_localizedDn (boolean) specifies whether the attribute group is displayed by default on the Record Details and Compare dialogs in Studio.
  • system-eid_group_localizedDn (mdex:string; JSON string) List of locale-specific display names for the attribute group.

Documentation / Reference

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