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Since 7.5x, a data store is now known as a data domain.

A data domain is a logical collection of data and metadata managed by the Endeca Server.

A data domain is the largest unit of data over which the Endeca Server allows queries to be expressed. It represents a discrete set of data and includes indexed data records and system records.

Each Endeca data store is serviced by a Dgraph process. Oracle Endeca Server starts a Dgraph process for each Endeca data store.

Endeca Server uses a database-like operational model to manage the Endeca data stores running on the machine. You install one (and only one) Endeca Server on a Linux or Windows machine that will host your Endeca data stores.

When you first install Endeca Server, it will have no Endeca data stores. You then create named data stores.

the data store's index (known as “data files”)

How to Manage it

To manage a data store, you need its name of the data store to manage it.

You don't even need to know which port the data store is running on, as Endeca Server keeps track of that information (which it stores in its own database). This name-only reference makes it much easier to stop and start data stores, as well as perform other management operations.

To create and control a data stores, Endeca Server has:


Before 7.5

[[email protected] ~]$ endeca-cmd create-ds staffing

In the simplest case, no information is needed to create and start a data store, other than a name for the data store. In this simple case, Endeca Server will figure out which port to start the data store and which Dgraph configuration flags to use.

In the more complex case, you can specify the ports and configuration flags to be used (such as how many threads) and the location of the data files for the newly-created data store.

After 7.5

Since 7.5, to create a data domain, after installing and starting the Endeca Server, use the endeca-cmd command to first create the data domain profile (or use the default data domain profile), and then use this profile to create a data domain.


[[email protected] ~]$ endeca-cmd list-ds


Command Line

$Endeca_Home\Server\2.3.0\endeca-cmd>endeca-cmd status-ds datastore
Current State: Started
Data Files: C:\OracleEndecaEID\Endeca\Server\2.3.0\endeca-server\data\geography
WS Port: 7773
Bulk Load Port: 7774
Startup Timeout (s): 60
Shutdown Timeout (s): 60

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