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Endeca Technologies is a leading provider of:

Endeca is recognized as a leader for its unique approach in hybrid-search-analytical technology that enables consistent search, navigation and analytics on diverse and changing information.


Endeca is a provider of the following products:

MDEX Engine

Endeca's MDEX Engine is a data management engine that enables enterprises to correlate, search and analyze:

  • semi-structured
  • and unstructured data.

Unlike traditional search technology, which treats unstructured data as text, Endeca’s technology analyzes latent structure and correlates it to existing structured databases, allowing enterprises for the first time to combine structured and unstructured data in a single environment.


Endeca InFront is a customer experience management platform that enables businesses to deliver highly targeted and relevant customer experience online with advanced merchandising and content targeting tools for web commerce.


Endeca Latitude is a technology platform that enables businesses to rapidly develop analytic applications by bringing information from many unstructured and structured information sources together.

Endeca Latitude provides IT organizations with the ability to deploy interactive search-analytical applications to help companies keep in synch with rapidly changing business needs.

Type Product

  • Web Commerce Products (Portal)
    • Oracle Endeca
    • Oracle Endeca Experience Manager
    • Oracle Endeca Guided Search
    • Oracle Endeca for Mobile
    • Oracle Endeca for Social
    • Oracle Endeca Commerce Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence Products
    • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery

CAS = Oracle Endeca Content Acquisition System 3.0.2



  • has a “model-as-you-go” approach.
  • frees IT from the burden of prescriptive data modeling and pre-defined reporting.

State of direction

The combination of Oracle and Endeca is expected to create a comprehensive technology platform to process, store, manage, search and analyze structured and unstructured information together.

The combination of:

  • Oracle ATG Commerce and Endeca InFront is expected to enhance cross-channel commerce, merchandising, and online customer experiences
  • Oracle Business Intelligence and Endeca Latitude is expected to provide a comprehensive business intelligence solution that brings together information from structured and unstructured data sources. Adding Endeca Latitude software to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBI EE) is expected to provide a single unified user interface for analysis of structured and unstructured data.

Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data

Oracle Analytics Structured Unstructured Data

Oracle Data Mgmt System Structured Unstructured Data

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