Endeca - Attribute


An Attribute in Endeca is a fundamental units of a record.


  • a data record, an attribute provides information about that record.
  • a schema record, an attribute provides configuration information

An attribute is the basic unit of a record. Each attribute is identified by a unique name.


The term attribute collectively refers to both standard attributes and managed attributes.

Attribute can refer to :

  • standard attribute: An attribute whose value is not included in an enumerated list or hierarchy.
  • managed attribute: An attribute for which a hierarchy of attribute values is attached. Managed attributes are used to support hierarchical navigation.

Standard and managed attributes are both described by system records.


Data Record

The following XML represents a two single data record (Bike) with (standard) attributes (Name, ProductID, BikeType, Color, …).

  <Name type="mdex:string">Road-450</Name>
  <ProductID type="mdex:int">4038</ProductID>
  <BikeType type="mdex:string">Road Bikes</BikeType>
  <SizeRange type="mdex:string">42-46 CM</SizeRange>
  <Color type="mdex:string">Red</Color>
  <ReviewScore type="mdex:int">35</ReviewScore>
  <ReviewScore type="mdex:int">45</ReviewScore>
  <ReviewScore type="mdex:int">60</ReviewScore>
  <Price type="mdex:double">1457.99</Price>
  <Name type="mdex:string">Touring-3000</Name>
  <ProductID type="mdex:int">4035</ProductID>
  <BikeType type="mdex:string">Mountain Bikes</BikeType>
  <SizeRange type="mdex:string">48-52 CM</SizeRange>
  <Color type="mdex:string">Yellow</Color>
  <Price type="mdex:double">742.35</Price>

Schema Record

A schema record represents an attribute of a data record and each attribute in that schema record controls an (aspect|configuration) of that data record attribute.

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