Endeca - Conversation Web Service

Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data


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Endeca Studio Data Set
(Endeca Server|Studio) - (Collection|Data Set)

Starting with the Endeca Server 7.6.0 and Studio 3.1.0, Endeca Server introduces collections (known in Studio as data sets), while keeping the ability to create entities (views). Collections allow you...
Endeca Record Search
Endeca - (Record|Text) Search

Record search (also called text search) search records that contains a particular keyword. The resulting results are records : which contain (keyword|Search terms) in any combination of attributes ....
Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data
Endeca Server - Web Services

Web Service Description Deprecated Endeca Server Data Ingest Web Service To load data Endeca Server Conversation Web Service Endeca Server Control Web Service Start a datastore, Status of a datastore,...

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