Endeca Server - (Managed|Schema) Attribute


A managed attribute is used to enable the creation of hierarchical standard attribute values. Therefore they are also known as schema attribute. You can see a managed attributes as the key of a level in a hierarchy.

Through managed attribute values, you can express:

  • domain: a set of predefined values (enumerated). For example, for a managed attribute “currency”, you can define a limited set of values, “dollars” and “euros”.
  • synonyms: a set of synonyms for each value. For example, you can add a synonym “Beantown” to a managed attribute value “Boston”.
  • ranking (static)

on record refinements in your data domain.

They can also be searched and displayed using their display names. These characteristics of managed attributes affect the ways in which you control refinements.



Inside the Endeca Server index for each data domain, each of the added managed attribute values are themselves represented as two records

Each managed attribute is described by one PDR and one DDR.

The Dimension Description Records (DDR) defined in the putDimensions element loads the managed attributes schema with the help of the Configuration Web Services

Managed Attribute Value Description Records (MAVDRs)

A request to add a managed attribute value record using the Configuration Web Service has this structure:


In this structure, the spec, parent, and managedAttribute elements are required, all other elements are optional.

Managed Attribute Value Description Records (MAVDRs) are created in the index, when you add managed attributes and their values.

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