Endeca- Records


Records are the fundamental units of data whereas attributes are fundamental units of the schema.


In the previous release, views offered a way of grouping records. Endeca Server had a representation for them as entities, through the Entity Configuration Web Service (sConfig).

In the Endeca Server 7.6.x and Studio 3.1.x, both entities (views) and collections (data sets) are provided—views let you group records in Studio at the user interface level, while:

  • collections are a way of grouping records in the index of the Endeca data domain hosted by the Endeca Server.
  • Collections are then represented in Studio as data sets within an Endeca Server connection that you configure.

Note that in Studio, both:

  • views (which represent entities in the Endeca Server)
  • and data sets (which represent collections in the Endeca Server)

can be used, depending on the user scenarios and data.

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