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Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data


Closely related to refinement.


Guided navigation configuration see:

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Endeca Attribute Group
Endeca - (Attribute) Group - Group Description Records (GDRs)

Attribute groups are ordered lists of attributes. They are stored in the Oracle Endeca Server as records. Attribute groups are useful for organizing a large number of attributes in the user interface...
Endeca Studio Breadcrumbs
Endeca - (Query) (Refinement|Filter)

Refinements allow end users to explore their data records using Guided Navigation. See Filtering Components...
Endeca Studio Tag Cloud Multi Select
Endeca - Multi select

Multi-select attributes gives the ability to the user to select more than value at a time. See the navigation Property system-navigation_Select. This property can takes this values: single...
Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data
Endeca - Property and Property Description Records (PDRs)

PDR is s schema record. PDR's define the format and behaviour of standard attributes and managed attributes. A data (attribute|column) has a property key. Key (The unique identifier of the...
Endeca Studio Attribute Settings
Endeca Studio - Attribute Settings

The “Attribute settings” page of studio gives the possibility to set manually all navigation configuration: ie: the the from inside of Studio Navigation Properties management ...

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