Endeca Studio - Attribute Settings

Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data


The “Attribute settings” page of studio gives the possibility to set manually all navigation configuration: ie:



from inside of Studio

Endeca Studio Attribute Settings

Navigation Properties management

Endeca Studio Navigation Properties

Attribute Groups

To create a new attribute groups:

  1. select a data source
  2. give it a name and unique key. The new group will then appear.
  3. To add attributes into the group, select them from the attributes table, click the new attribute group from the drop down menu and click add. The new attributes in this group will now appear in the group and no longer under the other group.
  4. Drag n drop them for the order that they should appear.

Endeca Studio Attribute Settings Group

To reorder an attribute group or hide a group, go to the guided navigation component preferences window:

Endeca Guided Navigation Attribute Group

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