Endeca - Data store's index (known as data files )

Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data


  • before 7.5: endeca-cmd
  • After 7.5 EndecaServer.properties file

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Endeca Studio Data Set
(Endeca Server|Studio) - (Collection|Data Set)

Starting with the Endeca Server 7.6.0 and Studio 3.1.0, Endeca Server introduces collections (known in Studio as data sets), while keeping the ability to create entities (views). Collections allow you...
Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data
Endeca - Data (Store|Domain)

Since 7.5x, a data store is now known as a data domain. A data domain is a logical collection of data and metadata managed by the Endeca Server. A data domain is the largest unit of data over which...
Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data
Endeca - Property and Property Description Records (PDRs)

PDR is s schema record. PDR's define the format and behaviour of standard attributes and managed attributes. A data (attribute|column) has a property key. Key (The unique identifier of the...
Endeca Value Search
Endeca - Value Search

Value Search find attributes with some values and shows which attributes contain the keyword This feature enables direct drill-down on matching attribute value. Results are attribute values . This...
Oracle Platform Structured Unstructured Data
Endeca Server - (Managed|Schema) Attribute

A managed attribute is used to enable the creation of hierarchical standard attribute values. Therefore they are also known as schema attribute. You can see a managed attributes as the key of a level in...

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