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A platform for doing analysis on streams of data in real-time.

Storm process unbounded streams of data. It does for realtime processing what Hadoop did for batch processing.

For Storm, a stream is an unbounded sequence of tuples. Storm provides the primitives for transforming a stream into a new stream in a distributed way. For example, you may transform a stream of tweets into a stream of trending topics.

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Event Centric Thinking
(Stream|Pipe|Message Queue|Event Processing)

From an abstract point of view, a stream is a sequence of aninfinite cardinality (size) delivered at unknown time intervals. list Streams: are inputs and outputs of operations may be also buffers...
Event Centric Thinking
Stream - (Software|Library)

Software, Library around the notion of stream Distributed stream processing frameworks such as: Samza - Linkedin, Storm - team (Yahoo!) Flink Amazon...

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