1 - About

Cloud Firestore is a document database.

3 - Structure

3.1 - Key

Each document has a unique key that contains information such as:

  • the document ID
  • and the document path.
Key property Description The Firestore app name. The document's ID, or null if is set.
key.kind The document's collection ID. The document's name, or null if is set.
key.namespace Firestore does not support custom namespaces. The default namespace is represented by an empty string.
key.path The path of the document: the sequence of the document and the collection pairs from the root collection. For example: “Country”,“USA”, “PostalCode”, 10011, “Route”, 1234.

4 - Options

When you structure your data in Cloud Firestore, you have a few different options:

  • Documents
  • Multiple collections
  • Subcollections within documents


5 - Analytics

You need to export your data to bigquery See doc

BigQuery creates a RECORD data type (also known as a STRUCT) for the key, with nested fields for each piece of information.

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