Aws - SimpleDB


SimpleDb is a Nosql database with a web services interface to:

  • create and store multiple data sets,
  • query data and return the results.

It may be used as a time serie database.

Amazon SimpleDB is not storing raw data. It transforms raw data into multiple indices and is then considered to be a column store database.


  • SimpleDB requires customers to manage their datasets in containers called Domains, which have a finite capacity in terms of storage (10 GB) and request throughput.
  • Indexes all attributes for each item stored in a domain:
    • pro: Simplifies the schema design and provides query flexibility
    • cons: No predictability particularly as dataset sizes grow.
      • No write predictability: every database write needs to update all attribute indices (regardless of whether the customer is using all the indices for querying).
      • No read predictability: working set does not always fit in memory.


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